Gatherers/Servant Grunts

Gatherers/Servant Grunts:

Grotesque and malformed, the Gatherers serve as the game’s primary enemies, patrolling the corridors of Brennenburg Castle and chasing Daniel on sight. Daniel is unable to fight or protect himself against the Gatherers and can only flee and hide. Monsters do not stick around for long, and do not always venture completely into rooms.

Their loyalty to Alexander of Brennenburg is made known later in the game when Alexander explicitly orders them to “stop” Daniel from continuing forward in his mission. Other references of Alexander’s connection with the Gatherers can be found when Daniel’s location is unknown. Alexander will seemingly ask them, “Where is he?” and they will continue to search for Daniel. Also, in the Transept, after getting the Orb pieces, Alexander will say “Find him”.

The Gatherers first appear in the Archives, Wine Cellar, and Refinery, although these are purely cinematic encounters; players will remain safe unless they make a deliberate effort to engage the monster. In the Archives, after witnessing an actual Gatherer, Daniel can hallucinate that one is chasing him, but it will disappear before it gets too close. In the Refinery however, catching up to the Gatherer can cause it to spot and chase you, but you must have the intention of letting it see you. The first dangerous encounter with a Gatherer is either in the Storage, or in the Guest Room, where the player must hide in a closet.

They’re the main monster so as well the more common one. They are Alexanders servants and they have a severed/tortured jaw, a demented left arm with claws and ‘reptile’ boogy eyes;


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