Welcome To Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Hello and welcome to the world of Amnesia: The Dark Descent! Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a video game created by Frictional Games. The game has been considered one of the scariest games to play alone and has ranked an 8.5/10 by IGN (Imagine Games Now), an American global entertainment website that focuses on video games, films, music and other media. The game has you playing as a  man named Daniel after waking up, and remembering nothing, in Brennenburg Castle. You know nothing about Daniel’s background or his reason for being found within the castle. Daniel has Amnesia and you must uncover the secrets of the castle through handwritten notes from Daniel before he lost his memory. All you know as you start is that Daniel’s goal is to find and kill a man named Alexander.

The castle is dark, gloomy, and full of monsters. You are armed with nothing but a lantern and some tinderboxes, both of which can be found along your journey but can also run out if you’re not careful. There is no way to fight back and the longer you stay hidden in the shadows, the more your sanity decreases. You, as Daniel, must determine the balance between shadow and light all while running for your life.

Along the way you will discover Daniel’s past, learn of Alexander’s terrible deeds, and uncover the mystery of Brennenburg Castle.

You cannot fight and you cannot escape.

You can only hide and hope to survive.

(Please note that Frictional Games recommends, to experience Amnesia: The Dark Descent fully, that the game is played alone, with the lights off, and with headphones in. Have fun and good luck!)